AmEx cardmembers get first crack at new Twitter ad platform Posted by Admin in Advertising -Feb 18, 2012

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Twitter will soon be offering ads to small- and medium-sized businesses, and American Express cardmembers will get early access to it, the companies said on Feb. 17. The new self-service ads, which are scheduled to launch in late March, will allow small businesses to run their own promotional campaigns and access Twitter's more than 300 million users.

Through a partnership with the social media company, American Express has arranged it so that its cardmembers and merchants will be the first to try the new platform. American Express will give $100 in free Twitter advertising to the first 10,000 enterprise customers that register at

“The partnership offers Twitter access to our extensive pool of qualified U.S. small business cardmembers and merchants who are keen to build their businesses by going where their customers are,” said Brad Minor, VP of social media and communications at American Express. “The self-serve ad platform will, for the first time, work towards establishing the value of a Twitter follower for a small business owner.”

Twitter began selling ads almost two years ago, allowing major companies from Southwest Airlines to Wendy's pay to have “promoted” tweets. These were done through a Twitter representative, which will not be necessary with the new offer, allowing for a greater volume of transactions and further expansion of the company's advertising revenue channels.

AmEx has made efforts to deepen its social media offerings to enterprise customers. In June of last year, the company began allowing cardmembers to pay for Facebook Ads using their American Express membership points.

After the initial trial with AmEx customers, the service will be opened to other small business owners.

Alex Palmer - February 17, 2012

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