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“The means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely”.

We can develop, produce and promote any media project, from its inception to the final results; our experienced staff is highly capable to take over any project big or small. By hiring or partnering with us you can ensure the best returns on your investment.

“ABC Miami Enterprises Media services are about: Awareness, Publicity and Prospects delivered to your door.”

The brand has deep roots in media and entertainment, by partnering with some of the leading players in the industry (YouTube,, NATPE, Best Business Bureau, BMI, ASCAP, Lime Light - among others) along with some of the best credentials.

The core of our Media Business resides in three areas:


Our one of a kind service involves Email Marketing, Social Media, URL Submission/SEO, & Press Release Distribution. Your name, your brand, and your product or service will achieve immense amounts of visibility with our complete platform of advertising.

Our Broadcasting service is unique, potent, and considered a ‘High Impact Media Blitz’. was created to easily reach massive amounts of potential customers without having to turn to PR & Advertising Agencies and their costly fees.


We are continuously looking all over the world for great productions to add to our already great collection of online content; we accomplish it in two ways: by partnering with talented directors and producers or by acquiring their licenses, if you’d like to get more information about partnering opportunities with please contact us.

Talent Management:

"Fame is nothing if you don’t monetize it", with our Talent Management Team you don’t only get a top quality production crew behind you, but also the support, promotion and exposure that our marketing department can get for you, with the financial stability to support it, remember the world is now our audience and to get noticed would take a lot of more effort if you’d like to do it on your own.


Our services for content owners and talent include:

M aintaining, promoting and producing personal branded content within our channels and most social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter, Flicker, Hulu and more.), as well as traditional media such as: TV, Radio, Magazines, New Papers, and finally a full agent representation service for the US market and worldwide.

Our Content Includes:

Comedy, Independent Short-films, Musicals, News, Hispanic Productions, Animated Comics, Educational Programs, Novelty Shows, Contests, Talk Shows among others.

Understanding our target audience allows us to be more innovative and challenging in the way we interact with them. Being part of the global ABC MIAMI ENTERPRISES LLC family is a privilege and an incredible opportunity for those who would like to get access to the latest technology that empowers them to generate a bigger audience and revenues. Our concept lives and dies with the quality of the creative we produce and distribute. So if you think you have the next bright idea, go ahead, have your people call our people.